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Duke Energy Hiring – System Operations Technical Trainer

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Job Description:

This position will be responsible for providing knowledge and competency-based training to operating personnel expected to perform the system operations control center functions required by Duke Energy. This position will be responsible for developing new and experienced system operators using the training methodologies identified in the entity’s system operator training program manual and in accordance to industry guidelines. This position will be responsible for analyzing, designing and developing training materials that prepare the system operator to operate the bulk electric system reliably. This position will be responsible for evaluating learning through the skillful use of assessment tools and performance demonstration using simulation technology. Persons hired in this position will be mentored by experienced System Operations trainers, provided train the trainer opportunities and given adequate time to develop the required competencies necessary to be successful in the role of a System Operations Technical Trainer. If it is determined by the Training Manager & Director, System Operations that the overall performance of the person hired in this role does not fit that of a System Operator Technical Trainer I, they may be removed from the position after approximately one year of training development or at any time deemed appropriate by the Training Manager & Director, System Operations.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for handling the unexpected training challenges (e.g. technology malfunctions) in the system operator’s training environment without compromising the quality of the learning experience and for keeping the Training Manager informed of such activities without which the proper counsel or support from the manager, could have a negative impact on the operator’s learning experience.
  • Responsible for developing operationally-specific simulation scenarios and for running the training simulator with the facilitated guidance of trainers who are competent & proficient in the operation of the dispatch training simulator.
  • Represents System Operations positively and professionally in interaction with customers, other departments, interconnected utilities, and Independent System Operators and for demonstrating an “actively caring” attitude about the safety and wellbeing of all in the workplace and is respected by peers, system operators and leadership for consistently demonstrating a commitment to the culture of safety.
  • Responsible for remaining abreast of current and emerging training practices, trends and methods; for discovering innovative approaches to training system operators on the relevant NERC Reliability Standard requirements to ensure that the operator applies the requirements while performing real time actions in normal, abnormal and emergency conditions on the Bulk Electric System and for communicating any emerging training tools and methods that are observed as program enhancements, to the Training Manager for consideration.
  • Responsible for learning the steps in the “ADDIE” Systematic Approach to Training and for applying the SAT process to oversee the training and development of new Bulk Electric System Operators in accordance with the NERC PER Training Standards and Duke Energy’s System Operator qualification requirements.
  • Responsible for learning the steps in the “ADDIE” Systematic Approach to Training and for applying the SAT process to oversee the training and development of NERC Certified Bulk Electric System Operators in accordance with the NERC PER Training Standards, NERC System Operator Certification Program, NERC Continuing Education Program and any other regional and company-specific requirements. Includes but is not limited to writing NERC CE Approved Individual Learning Activity applications, and executing the training in compliance with applicable FERC Orders including the FERC Standards of Conduct.
  • Effective in engaging the Control Center Managers and Supervisors in the planning of training activities and for keeping them informed of relevant training matters that affect their group’s training.
  • Responsible for interfacing with file and data management tools to accurately document a System Operator’s initial training & and for documenting and tracking NERC Certified System Operators continuing education training hours in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the NERC System Operator Continuing Education Program.

Qualification & Experience:

  • 1 years of experience in addition to Degree
  • NERC Certified Operator
  • In lieu of Technical Degree(s) AND 1 year(s) related work experience listed above, High School/GED AND 2 year(s) related work experience
  • 2 year Technical degree
  • In lieu of Technical Degree, HS Diploma and 1 year of experience.
  • 2 year Technical Degree

Job Details:

Company: Duke Energy

Vacancy Type:  Full Time

Job Location: St. Petersburg, FL, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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